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Sam Bibby

Sam Bibby

Structural Engineer
BE (Civil) Hons, MEngNZ

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Sam began his engineering career at Markplan Consulting, firstly as a student intern then as a fully-fledged engineer.  He spent 4 years at Markplan, but the lure of an affordable home took Sam and his wife away from Auckland to set up home in Tauranga.   During that time, Sam and Shania produced a beautiful baby girl, and then the tug to return to Auckland, where their wider families are based, became too strong to ignore. 

The whole team at Markplan were delighted to learn that Sam was returning, and he has fitted back into the team like a foot into a trusty old slipper, or rather a steel-capped boot.  It has been wonderful to have him back, and of course he has been able to hit the ground running, because he has hardly forgotten a thing….even remembering the ‘rule’ about bringing a cake into the office on your birthday!

Sam enjoys the very co-operative and family-orientated atmosphere at Markplan and also the fact that it is a highly organised practice which makes life easy when it comes to working on engineering projects with deadlines to be met.

Sam enjoys sci-fi and fantasy books/movies, and he is aiming to read his way through 50 books a year (even with a baby!) – we did say he liked fantasy!