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Sheri Pradel

Sheri Pradel

Office Administrator
BA (French/Linguistics)

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Sheri joined the Markplan team in November 2010 when she decided the time was ripe for a change of career. A 5th generation New Zealander, she was brought up on Auckland’s North Shore but the lure of the French language saw her move to France in her early 20’s where she spent 6 years working for the New Zealand Embassy in Paris. The pull of family and the New Zealand lifestyle eventually brought her back to New Zealand with her husband Patrick – a Frenchman with no Irish blood.

Eventually, along came 4 children, three boys and a girl, who have all been brought up bilingually and enjoy interacting with their French family and friends when they travel to New Caledonia or France. While her children were at school, Sheri returned to University to study French and Linguistics and then spent many years teaching French to school students and adults of all ages, as well as little children as young as 2 when she ran a French kindergarten from home.

In her spare time, Sheri enjoys playing the piano and singing, but you will be pleased to know a lot of the warbling takes place in the confines of her car during the commute to work. She also enjoys bike-riding, strictly avoiding any bumpy terrain, and loves reading and writing, but one of her favourite quotes was written by someone else and is a philosophy she strives to live by:

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” - Katharine Hepburn, Actress (12 May 1907-2003).