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Frederick Taluban

Frederick Taluban

Senior Structural Draughtsperson
B.S.C.E (PH)

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Frederick began working as a detailer before becoming fully engaged in his draughting career, developing a strong passion for 3D modelling.  He is originally from the Philippines but also worked in Singapore before immigrating to New Zealand 7 years ago with his wife and their young family.  He joined the Markplan draughting team in August 2022, attracted to the team spirit that is ever present at Markplan.

Frederick is married with two sons, with his older child not too many years short of being able to legally babysit his brother!  Frederick and his wife enjoy the contrast in ages, being able to have a meaningful chat with their older boy but also being able to enjoy the cute antics of their little toddler. 

During the weekends, Frederick likes to visit parks and museums with the family and get involved in educational activities with his children, and with a shopping mall only 2 minutes away, retail therapy is also at his doorstep when needed. 

His wife works in Logistics and Admin for Sherratt Ingredients in Hobsonville, who supply bulk raw ingredients to bakeries, cafés and restaurant, so Frederick and the boys are unlikely to go hungry.

Frederick is looking forward to working towards financial freedom and to eventually having his own home, and joining the Markplan team is certainly a way to help him to do just that!