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Liam Rua

Liam Rua

Structural Engineer
BE (Civil) Hons

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Liam began his career as a fully-fledged boat builder constructing super yachts.  He then returned to his books to study engineering at the University of Auckland and joined Markplan full-time as a Structural Engineer at the beginning of 2018.

Liam lives right by the water’s edge at Bethells Beach and it is not surprising that he began his working life in the boat industry as he loves the water and much of his spare time is spent riding the waves on New Zealand’s West Coast. His ultimate dream is to travel the world sampling all the best surf beaches.  In fact, Liam is a starter for most extreme sports and also regularly gets out on his dirt-bike and 4 x 4, risking life and limb. Fortunately, Liam’s wife is a GP, so we hope she’s willing to patch up any mishaps, although she too is not one to sit on the side-lines and is probably to be found out riding with him. We are always happy when Liam turns up safe and sound on a Monday morning with bones intact.

Liam is also a keen hunter and regularly fills the family freezer with venison and wild boar and anything else edible that might be roaming in the depths of the forest.  His colleagues have witnessed photos of Liam’s bounty and we all now understand why we buy our meat from the supermarket and don’t have to think about how it found its way onto a meat-tray.

Liam enjoys the supportive team environment at Markplan and is keen to develop his professional career and widen his engineering knowledge.