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Matthew McKenzie

Matthew McKenzie

Civil Engineer
B Eng Tech (Civil)

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Matthew joined Markplan in October 2023 as a Civil Engineer but prior to this he worked in the Structural Engineering field both as a draughtsman and then as a structural engineering designer.

Matthew loves solving puzzles, so he will fight you to be first to the Sudokus in the morning’s Herald, and he’ll probably put you to shame with the speed with which he zips through these. During the weekends (all the Sudokus filled in of course), he loves to spend time with his wife and young son. Not surprisingly, his wife also shares his love of numbers, as she is an Accountant, so their little one can probably already count well into the thousands and is doing his first simultaneous equations.

He lives in Hobsonville and enjoys all the surrounding parks and the very family-friendly atmosphere there. 

Matthew is keen to increase his knowledge and work towards his chartership, and his role in Markplan will certainly allow him to do this.