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Sama Kiryakos

Sama Kiryakos

Senior Engineering REVIT Technician
BEngTech (Civil)

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Sama hails from the city of Baghdad, Iraq and moved to New Zealand with her family as a teenager, living on Auckland’s North Shore. 

Prior to her Engineering studies, Sama also studied Business Management, but found that her heart was really in the engineering field.  She heard about Markplan Consulting through a friend who is already part of the Markplan team, and this made Sama keen to join the company with the added bonus of working in an office close to her home in Greenhithe.

Sama’s husband, Sam (what a match!), is a Dentist and he also works locally in Albany Village.  They have two little girls, one at school and one still a toddler. 

During her leisure time, Sama likes cooking as well as going to the gym, taking beach walks and entertaining her children at the local facilities, be they parks, swimming pools or beaches.   One of her aspirations is to become fitter, and she is currently trying to reconcile that with her love of cooking, which is a theme we can all identify with.  We have just broken the news to Sama that we celebrate birthdays at Markplan (plus many other milestones) with the sharing of cake for morning tea, and with a team of 25 that is a lot of cake to chomp through, but she is already in training with the rest of us!