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Stuart Miller

Stuart Miller

Structural Engineer
BE (Construction) Hons, MEngNZ

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Stuart was born in Dorchester, England but came to New Zealand when about to enter university and joined other family members already living here, and he has been happy to call New Zealand his home ever since.

His very early career path has gone from video store worker to a stint amongst the fruit and vegetables at a New World supermarket when he was a poor student and no doubt in need of reminding that eating your 5-plus a day is a more healthy option than a student diet of beer and burgers.

After graduating from University, Stuart worked as a Mechanical Engineer but this sparked an interest in Structural Engineering, so off he went back to University and advanced his studies in that direction.

Stuart joined Markplan in June 2020 to develop his career in the Structural Engineering domain. He has always been curious about how things work and fit together, and with the diverse range of projects that Markplan undertakes, he is able to indulge his passion for solving problems and finding cost-effective solutions. But given he also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, some of us are secretly hoping can rig up an office device to deliver drinks to our desks on a pulley system – just when you get a spare moment Stuart!

In his leisure time Stuart likes to take on woodworking and carpentry projects around the home, and also enjoys hiking and camping as a chance to escape the city and discover more of New Zealand.

He and his partner Jen are expecting their first child this year, so his carpentry and hiking endeavours may have to slip onto the back-burner for a while…..years actually Stuart (if only he knew)!

Stuart and Jen are looking to buy their first home on the North Shore, although one day he would love to design and build his own home, no doubt incorporating some of his structural and mechanical wizardry.