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Sylvie Myers

Sylvie Myers

Structural Engineer
BE (Civil) Hons, BSc, MEngNZ

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Sylvie is a Structural Engineer who was born and raised in Mount Albert, but it’s probably more accurate to say she was ‘dragged up’ along various tramping tracks around New Zealand. It didn’t put her off, and she still spends much of her spare time camping and tramping. She now calls the wild west of Bethells Beach home.

Sylvie had two years’ experience in civil structures before joining Markplan in 2015, where she enjoys the focus on people and the satisfaction of seeing projects through to completion. Before joining Markplan Sylvie spent a year volunteering and travelling - she did the same in 2018, returning to Markplan in March 2019. She revels in exploring the more far-flung corners of all seven continents and has picked up such essential skills as how to machete through the jungle, remove surgical stitches, and wrangle a bunch of teenagers into digging a really big pit for a water tank.

When not in the outdoors, Sylvie enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, watching movies, cooking, and supervising her two pet rabbits to prevent them from chewing through all her electrical cords.